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Black Bush Caramel Sauce

Updated: Jan 20

This sauce is SERIOUSLY TASTY. And instead of harping on about its origins, I’ve decided to list 10 ways to use this delightful sauce.

1. Over Ice Cream

2. In Ice Cream

3. In your Coffee

4. Stirred into Porridge

5. Over Cake

6. Infused into Whipped Cream

7. In Cocktails

8. Candied Walnuts

9. Candied Bacon

10. Chicken Tenders


· 100g Granulated Sugar

· 120 ml of Water

· 230 ml Heavy Cream

· 60g Unsalted Butter

· ½ tsp Salt

· 100ml Black Bush Irish Whiskey

What You Need

· 2 pots

· Spatula

· Weighing Scales

Step 1

- Pour sugar and water into a pan

- Stirring until mixture is combined, Heat over a medium-high heat until mixture turns to an amber colour (roughly 15 minutes)

Step 2

- Mix Cream, Butter and Salt together

- Medium Heat until it’s combined

Step 3

- Combine the two mixtures (it will bubble up loads)

- Stir until desired colour is achieved

- Add Whiskey

Drizzle. Drool. Devour.

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