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The Red Mist Irish Coffee; Chilli Infused Black Bush Irish Whiskey with Maple Syrup Cream

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Joe Sheridan invented the Irish Coffee. No, Louth readers, Not THAT Joe. And in memory of the biggest miscarriage of injustice in the GAA (after my sending off at u12 for telling the referee to go to Specsavers), I’ve named this fiery but sweet cocktail “The Red Mist Irish Coffee.”

The year is 2010, it’s a derby match, and Louth is seeking their first provincial title since 1957. It’s the fourth minute of extra time, and Big Joe throws the ball into the back of the net. The final whistle blows, Louth loses by a single point. Cue, The Red Mist.

The original Joe Sheridan worked as a chef for Brendan O’Regan in his restaurant and coffee shop in the Foynes terminal building. Late one night in 1943, a flight left Foynes for New York but returned shortly after due to bad weather. A morse code was sent back so that the staff would be at the restaurant to serve the passengers.

Joe was asked to prepare something to warm and relax the weary passengers. The light bulb moment came, Irish Whiskey, coffee, and cream. A passenger had thanked Joe, asking if he had used Brazilian coffee. He jokingly replied, “No, it was Irish coffee.” Thus the Irish coffee was born.

Stan Delaplane, a famed Journalist, had an Irish Coffee in 1951 at the restaurant. He told his old friend, Jack Koeppler, who owned the now world-famous Buena Vista Café in San Francisco. Where the bartenders make 25 Irish Coffees simultaneously, in WHITE TUXEDOS! However, in the beginning, they couldn’t get the cream right. In 1952, Koeppler offered Joe Sheridan a job, and he duly accepted. Buena Vista has since made over 40 million Irish Coffees.

Check out the two videos for more context.


- 35 ml Chili Infused Black Bush (1/2 chilli per 100ml, leave it over-night)

- Teaspoon of Sugar

- Shot of Espresso

- Top-up with some Hot Water

- Top with Maple Cream (75/25 cream maple syrup – shaken in a shaker or any closable vessel)

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