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Lets Party Like it’s 2020! – An Irish Mule for your Zoom Years Eve Party.

Reeling in the new year how we, well… finished the previous. But not to fear, this fizzy, sparkly, spicy, boozy delight will get you through your zoom years eve party with a smile on your face. The refreshing party starter brings me right back to Eoin and Davy slinging out Irish Mules at The Five Lamps Bar on 84th and York (minus the Sparklers and pink straw).

As you may or may not know, the Irish mule is an adaptation of the Moscow Mule, traditionally using vodka as the base. As always, there are a couple of varying tales around the origins of this classic.

The first, John G. Martin, an executive for the Heublein Drinks Company (which had recently acquired Smirnoff in 1939). Martin came up with a marketing ploy to drive sales of the not so popular white spirit. In 1947, following the polaroid camera's birth, Martin, with his landlady's copper mug in one hand and Smirnoff bottle in the other, went bar hopping. Snapping bartenders' photos with the concoction and showing it off to the next bar. And so on and so forth.

The second, the head bartender at the Cock'n'Bull bar in LA had come up with the recipe circa 1941, in an effort to shift an overstocking of ginger beer. Head bartender Jack Morgan had a girlfriend who owned a company producing copper products. Making the Moscow Mule mugs relatively easy to come by.

Anyway, enough storytime. Let's zoom into the recipe.


- 50 ml Irish whiskey

- 15 ml Lime Juice

- 1 Egg White

- Hard Dry Shake for 15 Seconds (no ice)

- Shake With Ice for 16 Seconds

- Strain Over Tall Glass With Ice

- Top With Ginger Beer

- Stir With Straw

- Sparkler & Pink Straw Optional But Recommended

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