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The Holy Trinity of Deserts - Powers Chocolate Orange Mousse

Vive la France or God bless America? Where does chocolate mousse come from? The origin of chocolate mousse is relatively mysterious. French chefs have been cooking with chocolate since the 17th century, while mousse originated in France in the 18th century. It seems the French hadn't only gifted the Statue of Liberty to the New York in 1886, but not long after, they also introduced the Big Apple to chocolate mousse. The first written record of chocolate mousse was across the Atlantic in Madison Square Garden. In 1897, The Boston Daily Globe published one of the first recipes for chocolate mousse in the “Housekeepers Column.” Since then, not much has changed regarding the ingredients, as the staple desert never veers from its core ingredients of chocolate, eggs, and sugar. But we could make it more… holy.

So let me present the holy trinity of deserts — chocolate orange and uisce beatha (whiskey) mousse.


· 300g (6oz) high quality dark chocolate

· Juice of 2 oranges

· 75 ml water

· 8 large eggs

· 100g caster sugar

· 300 ml double cream

· 2 tbsp cocoa powder

· 100 ml of whiskey

Step 1

- Break the dark chocolate into pieces and melt in a pan slowly with water and add a pinch of salt.

- Add in the juice of the orange.

- Stir occasionally.

Step 2

- Separate egg whites and yolks and place them into two different bowls.

- Add sugar to bowl of yolks and beat until sugar is dissolved.

- Whisk the whites with a pinch of salt until you can hold the bowl over your head and the whites won’t fall out.

- Beat the cream until slightly whipped.

Step 3

- Once the chocolate is melted , add in the whiskey, the cream and keep folding until you get that beautiful colour.

- Tip in the egg whites and keep folding and form a figure of 8 until evenly coloured and smooth.

- This will look a bit dodgy at the beginning, but keep the faith!

Step 4

- Using a ladle, add to jars, pots or whatever you have at hand.

- Whip up some cream (you can also some whiskey (20ml) and some sugar)

- Garnish with orange zest.

Bon BigApplétit!

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